MASSA AKARYAKIT SAN VE TIC A.S. now focuses on distributing Petroleum  Products to its worldwide customers and partners, which the Company defines as low risk and which will result in immediate results.

MASSA AKARYAKIT SAN VE TIC A.S. management team has significant experience in financial, engineering and investment management and Petroleum expertise to evaluate and profitably manage risks and rewards in the Petroleum industry.

MASSA AKARYAKIT SAN VE TIC A.S. Is a company registered in Turkey, as well as England, it has representative offices in Russia and Norway.

Our main areas of expertise are trading in Petroleum, Petroleum products and Metal Products.

MASSA AKARYAKIT SAN VE TIC A.S. We have international key partners who share our philosophy: Our goal is to do business with the highest levels of honesty, transparency and professionalism.

MASSA AKARYAKIT SAN VE TIC A.S. Directly in the field of petroleum products, it works directly with a well-established partnership network, including long-established business partners.

The primary function of MASSA AKARYAKIT SAN VE TIC A.S. is to identify the specific needs of our customers and match them to the most appropriate services. All transactions will take place directly between certified receivers and those well-known among the Petroleum industry among us. Our different portfolio includes energy, transportation, communications, Petroleum and government services. All of our transactions follow the standards set by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). For further security, we work with ICC's Commercial Crime Services Division. We are very sensitive to the quality of our operations and customer privacy.

The company's focus is on emerging assets that can generate significant cash flows with rapid payments and superior returns.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best products, prices and services.